A disclaimer is mostly any statement meant to specify or prohibit the scope of rights and obligations that will be exercised and enforced by parties in a very legally-recognized relationship.

Disclaimer Policy

Policy for Disclaimer

A disclaimer is a statement/notice informing the user of any product or service of the possible consequences of the same. The law mandates the display of a disclaimer in certain cases, such as where there is an inherent risk of harm to one’s health (the warnings displayed on cigarettes are a prime example), but are used commonly in all product and service literature. A disclaimer helps to clearly establish/limit one’s rights and liabilities with respect to the user of a particular product or service. It is used in situations which involve an element of risk or uncertainty.

Price Quotes

The fare costs provided for all passengers square measure quoted in British Pounds. Fares and convenience square measure subject to alter to ticket. costs square measure warranted solely at the time of purchase. All advanced price tag purchases square measure non-refundable and non-transferable. every price tag should be reserved within the passenger’s name because it is exactly displayed on a government-issued ID. dynamic names on tickets are prohibited.

Check Documents

Please check your documents once you receive them. Passengers are asked for a sound pic ID at time of flight arrival. If the name on the price tag and also the passenger’s ID doesn't match, the rider is needed to surrender the price tag and get the applicable fare for the outward-bound flight. youngsters should have the parent or fiduciary gift at arrival. Individual airlines could have specific needs for a non-accompanied kid to travel. the decision if you've got any queries.


Domestic: we tend to advocate that you just confirm all flights before departure and at every purpose of stopover. this may offer the airline the chance to stay you suggested of any changes which can have occurred in your flight. International: you need to confirm your continued or come reservations a minimum of seventy-two hours before flight time at every purpose of stopover or your reservations are mechanically off.

Check-In Requirements

Domestic: a pair of hours before departure. International: three hours before departure. Note: arrival later than these times may end in denied boarding.


Airline flights are also overbooked. an individual denied boarding on a flight is also entitled to a counteractive payment. the principles for denied boarding square measure out there the least bit price tag counters.

Changes or Cancellations

Ticket modifications could incur penalties or augmented fares additionally to any declared change fees. Advance notice is needed to alter reservations. to alter or cancel your flight itinerary, the decision of this agency or the airline you're regular to require. Airlines could apply substantial fees and extra charges for changes to some non-refundable tickets before departure date. once departure date, your unused airline price tag could don't have any residual worth. If cancelling, come the unused tickets to the U.K. for refund or credit. Most special, excursion and discount tickets have numerous travel restrictions and should have a penalty for modification or cancellation. make sure you perceive these restrictions. If you alter your plans en route, raise the airline to use the worth of your unused ticket toward the acquisition of a brand new ticket. If a refund is due, acquire a receipt from the airline. If you're holding warranted edifice reservations that you'll like to cancel, send word the edifice as presently as potential and in no event later than four p.m. times to avoid necessary payment.

Airline Schedule Changes

Airlines reserve the proper to cancel or modification schedules by surprise. Schedules are shown square measure supported expected flying times as indicated by the airlines. as a result of weather and alternative factors could have an effect on in operation conditions, departures and arrivals cannot be warranted nor square measure they the responsibility of Bright Holiday & Flights Limited Agency.


Airline and alternative travel suppliers insurance for luggage have indebtedness. Your personal insurance might not adequately cowl losses incurred by cancellation, accident, sickness or taken or broken property. we tend to powerfully urge you to get further insurance offered to you.

Lost Tickets

Lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets must be paid for until refund is obtained from the issuing airline, subject to an airline imposed service charge.

Prepaid Tickets

If your agent arrangement concerned an invitation for paid airline tickets, picked up by the rider at AN airline price tag counter, please note that the majority carriers need a compulsory non-refundable service fee. we tend to appreciate your understanding of this charge obligatory by the airline and not by our workplace, so as to produce this service.


This agency acts solely as agent altogether matters connected with the creating and securing of reservations for transportation, accommodations, tours, or alternative arrangements for the retail shoppers of this agency and for numerous disclosed principles and contractors within the style of airlines, ship lines, tour wholesalers, limo services, and homeowners or contractors providing accommodations, transportation, or alternative services, hereunder cited as “suppliers.”

Passport/Travel Visa

Travel outside of your home country might need the requirement for valid travel documents such as passport, visa, re-entry allow, health certificate, immunization record, a price tag for the comeback journey or continuance of your trip, or ANY combination therefrom. The responsibility for the right documentation rests with the individual traveller, not Bright Holiday & Flights Limited Agency. Considerations regarding the desired travel documents are also resolved by contacting the suitable diplomatic building or embassy.


The use of coupons from 2 or a lot of tickets issued as trip fares for the aim of circumventing restrictions is named ‘Back To Back Ticketing’ or ‘nested excursions’ and is expressly impermissible. It happens once flight coupons square measure designedly not used or they're used out of sequence so as to bypass airline fare rules. Airlines and travel agents square measure prohibited from supply such tickets. every airline reserves the correct to deny transportation to passengers found exploitation tickets during this manner. Travellers are going to be controlled to blame for the distinction between the fare paid and therefore the fare of the particular itinerary. in addition, airlines reserve the correct to assess extra charges that would embrace an extra price tag purchase for passengers United Nations agency is also large to well sit in one seat. Airlines reserve the correct to assess an extra charge at the time of registration for 2 or a lot of items of baggage and/or for non-standard luggage. Samples of non-standard bags embrace, however, don't seem to be restricted to, the following: instrumentation equipment} and equipment (ex: golf clubs and skis), Tools, device cases, Trunks, massive portfolios, Boxes, Car seats, Animal carriers (additional live animal handling cost might apply)

The information being provided is deemed reliable however not warranted, and everyone info ought to be verified by the patron.

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